Asana vs.

Asana’s adjustable and easy-to-use features make the adaptation process to the platform much easier for all types and sizes of teams. It allows you to harmonize your daily tasks and all the complex steps in your projects and enables you to work more efficiently. Therefore, it leads to better productivity, knowledge, and outcomes for the whole company.

What are the differences between Asana and Monday?

If you are a person who would like to experience a system or application thoroughly before committing to it, we have good news. While Monday only offers a 14-day trial to you, Asana provides a complete 30-day trial package to understand and experience its features in-depth.

Asana has a free plan in which you can complete unlimited tasks and projects. In addition, it gives you a chance to integrate with more than 200 other applications and use visual tracking for your goals. It also allows you to arrange your tasks with multiple levels, which can enhance your project, team, and workflow management. 

Why Is Asana a More Affordable Option than Monday?

The plans it offers to its potential users are very clear and understandable. Aside from the fact that it never charges for data storage, the plan’s costs are transparent and affordable for everyone.

After identifying your rules, you can automate the actions within your projects based on what you had set as a criterion for them. Also, you are always welcome to create more goals and invite as many guests as you want into the system without any additional charge. 

Again, with no extra payment expected, you can integrate with other tools and applications you use in your daily life like Slack, Google, and Microsoft Office. 

The Outstanding Features of Asana

Surely when planning your project management, team management, goal management, and workflow management, you need to use a spreadsheet to take notes and stay on track. However, you should know that Asana is not designed for traditional spreadsheet users only, and it allows you to use the best visual feature according to your preferences. For example, you can use boards, lists, calendars, and timelines to follow business cases, increase creative production and support your team members in each project step.


Integrating different apps is not a complex process, and there are more than 200 applications or platforms that you can connect with Asana. Therefore, you should note that you can always import the projects you have in hand, just started or finished, by using its CSV importer. This will allow you to plan, organize and structure your project management, team management, and workflow management in just one place, making life easier for both your company and the team members.