Asana vs Trello

Asana vs. Trello

What differentiates Asana from Trello?

If you are working in a company where the teams constantly grow, it is very likely that Trello will not satisfy your needs and expectations in the long run. However, Asana is a project management tool designed specifically for your needs, and therefore it has the capability of growing with you based on your needs along the journey. In addition, it has a dynamic system in which every team member can be in touch with each other and conduct efficient project management, team management, and workflow management.

While using Trello, the platform gives a single and fixed project view only, named the Kanban board. But you get to use various project views by choosing the ones that will suit your company the most and live up to your expectations with Asana. These numerous holistic project view options can be listed as Boards, Timelines, Calendars, Files, Portfolios, Lists, and many more. 

The numerous features platform presents to you will allow you to do an advanced search, arrange milestones, conduct project management, and workflow management. Moreover, you can prioritize the work requests and connect work across teams. By boosting your team management, you also get to receive feedback and approvals, which will increase your creativity and productivity alongside adding free guests into the system.

Asana Offers More Value for the Price

The plans it offers are apparent and on-point; the costs of each plan, on the other hand, are affordable and candid. You can always try Asana free for 30-days before making any commitments to it. You should note that it would never charge you for any integrations you will make with other apps or data storage as well. Using a comprehensive project management tool that offers more value for the price will ensure that work will get done more practical and easier.

Asana ticks all the boxes and then some. It’s easy to use, feature rich and continually evolving which makes it easier than ever for us to do our jobs and deliver clients award winning digital work.

—Heidi Garthwaite, Studio Manager