Asana vs. Microsoft Project

Asana vs. Microsoft Project

What is the main difference between Asana and Microsoft Project?

Starting from the basic daily tasks to large improvements needed for your company, Asana offers a system with crucial features that will lead the teams to coordinate all types of work they have in hand. So, it becomes evident that your team will become capable of finishing tasks faster and with less effort.

While Asana and Microsoft Project both offer holistic project views with grids, boards, and timelines, Asana gives a chance to choose the view that will suit you the best, with more options like lists, calendars, files, portfolios, and workload frameworks.

Also, Asana stands out as a more comprehensive tool than Microsoft Project because it includes features that will help you prioritize your tasks, automate your work, and receive timely feedback and approval with a free plan that allows you to access Asana from any device and do third-party integrations.


Why does Asana offer more value for the price?

The plans we offer you are straightforward alongside the cost of each plan is transparent and budget-friendly. In addition, you should note that data storage is free in Asana, no matter which plans you choose. Therefore, having unlimited and free storage with Asana lets you invite as many guests as you need with a fixed and unchanging price set for each new team member.

Asana gives you the opportunity to integrate with other tools like Slack, Google, and Microsoft Office and facilitates you to connect with the tools you already use. 

Also, suppose you are having second thoughts or would like to experience using a new platform before purchasing it. In that case, Asana gives you a free 30-day trial or the option of continuing with the free basic plan with a simple signup process.


With Asana, everyone in your company will have more control. Because Asana is designed for everyone and not just for spreadsheet users, you can plan and organize your project management, team, and work management as you like.



You can use the boards feature in Asana to keep up with the progress of your project and decide on the next step you should take easily. Moreover, you can view all recent updates directly and follow each business case carefully.


List - Asana vs. Microsoft Project

You can use the lists feature to boost productivity as lists will guide you and allow you to decide which work or task should be prioritized. Therefore, having a to-do list with Asana will increase the quality of your process management. 


Timeline - Asana vs. Microsoft Project

On the other hand, using the timeline feature will ensure you identify the relationships between tasks, even if the plans change. Moreover, using the timelines in Asana will advance your workflow management.


Calendar - Asana vs. Microsoft Project

And lastly, using the calendar feature on Asana will make you see the overlaps and holes in your schedule clearer to make suitable adjustments. 


Asana will be the perfect project management tool for you and your company since it is possible to integrate with more than 100 other platforms, applications, and software systems like Dropbox, Outlook, Google Drive, and Slack. You can also quickly transfer the work you have been working on, finished, or started into Asana with its CSV importer and manage everything just by relying on a single platform.