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Omtera is an award-winning consulting firm and solution partner of best-in-breed technology companies focused on work management, product & data analytics and customer engagement.

Best In Breed Solutions and Services

Omtera is an official partner of the market’s best solutions, providing exceptional products to its customers. In addition to offering the world’s leading business management and productivity solutions such as Asana and Miro, Omtera is also an official business partner of modern data stack products like Braze, Mixpanel, Segment, ABTasty, and One Signal.
Our team specializes in guiding you through the process of defining, designing, and implementing your work, productivity, data and marketing tech stack. Our primary objective is to ensure that your team and tech stack are fully optimized and future-proof to sustain your growth.


We are official partner of best-in-breed solutions.

Productivity & Work Management

Modern Data Stack & Customer Engagement


We help companies to unlock their productivity and data.

Growth & Modern Data Stack

We empower our clients to ask the right business questions, implement the appropriate tools, ensure data integrity, and manage modern data infrastructure effectively. Our work, insights and recommendations are designed to produce measurable results.

Work Management & Productuvty

Using Asana and Miro should be easy, but getting your team up and running takes careful planning, patience, and persistence. To help your team adopt to tools, we are offering our unique framework created by analyzing what the most successful teams around the world and pairing that information with the expertise of our team to deliver the best to you.

Best in Breed Solutions by Award-Winning Team

We have been awarded by the world’s foremost technology companies, which has solidified our dedication to delivering the best solutions and services to our clients.

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We have the expertise in partnering with companies to rapidly innovate business processes and technologies, accelerate customer relationships and drive profitable growth.
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I had the pleasure of working with Omtera during our Mixpanel implementation, and I must say that their level of support was truly impressive. Their findings and advice regarding our Segment-Mixpanel integration and data health were exceptionally helpful. Their team possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of CDP and Product Data Analytics. I can confidently recommend Omtera to any organisation seeking assistance in these areas. Best
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Mixpanel is very effective in terms of analyzing our users' data. It allows us to create multiple reports to go deeper in customers. I had the pleasure of working with Omtera as our Mixpanel partner and I have to say, they were outstanding. Their expertise in Mixpanel and data analytics is second to none and they consistently provided us with valuable insights and recommendations to improve our product. Their team is highly professional, reliable, and always available to answer any questions we had.
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I highly recommend Om tera to anyone seeking to work in product and data analytics. They possess a high level of professionalism and are always willing to go above and beyond.
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Having Omtera in our market has enhanced our experience of utilising Mixpanel to its fullest potential and our utmost benefit. The Omtera team’s availability on the field has provided us with great flexibility. Their prompt approach to addressing our technical or operational needs has enabled us to resolve issues in a much quicker fashion. Since they are aware of the market conditions we operate in, they have a great understanding of the challenges we face and provide us with valuable insights.
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Having Omtera was really great for both the technical and commercial parts of our Mixpanel projects.

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